Let me introduce myself
I'm Kirsten Harris
Gym Coach and Field Fit Instructor
Field Fit Personal Trainer


I’m Kirsten Harris, a Gym Instructor and currently doing my Level 3 in Personal Training. I was an 800 and 1500m track athlete for a number of years; before finding a love of OCR, particularly Spartan Races. This year will be my first season competing in Spartan and I can’t wait to test myself and see where I end up. I love endurance and ultra events- particularly ones involving mountains, trails, rivers and anything else nature might throw my way. The crazier the event, the more likely I’ll sign up!

I’m a firm believer that fitness can be fun, rewarding and achieved by anyone who chooses to give it a try and stick with it. It’s amazing to see people achieve goals and do things they couldn’t do before.
OCR and outdoor exercise does this like nothing else, whilst building an encouraging and fun community in the process.

5 years ago, I would have never pictured myself being able to travel around the UK to race. I would encourage anyone when it comes to fitness and training, to give it a go; that’s all it takes to start!

Want to be an OCR racer? Or maybe jut get fit outside with challenging obstacles?

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